Or, more specifically…the pros and cons of being the wife of a soldier at boot camp.


This post is all about long-distance love.

Which is something that Husband and I will experience AGAIN after he finishes boot camp and Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Why will we experience it again?


Well, because Husband WILL be deployed at some point. That was part of the deal when he signed up.


And we both knew this.

And I am fine with it. Truly, I couldn’t be more excited for Husband. He is pursuing his dreams!

I am permanently along for the ride because he is my soul mate.


It’s just that the ride involves a lot of waiting for Husband to come home.


So, what is waiting life like?

I keep pretty busy.

I blog, paint, experiment, cook, write Husband lots of letters, gobble up his letters, read incredible books, and spend lots of time with my mom.


There are good waiting days and bad waiting days.


But every day is a little easier than the last.

Did you know? It’s been two weeks since my last burst-into-tears moment! *victory*


I am actually trying to EMBRACE Husband’s absence, now.


After all, I will be stuck with him FOREVER.


And while the idea of being stuck with him forever sounds euphoric right now, I know I will eventually be pining for these right-now moments of peace and solitude. Because I am an introvert.

Are you?

Take the two best personality tests on the internet and find out, and then tell me your results in the comments!


Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what married life (or in-love life) is like when your spouse/lover is always hundreds of miles out of reach.


The Pros and Cons of Being an Army Wife


PRO: I get to watch whatever I want on TV and no one is ever asking me to change the channel.


CON: I have to kill all the spiders/insects in the apartment by myself.


PRO: I can empty the dishwasher in the early morning hours when no one is around to beg me to stop banging pots and pans together.


CON: There’s no one to complain with when the neighbor’s ridiculously loud bass starts pounding through the walls so forcefully that my elephant sculpture dances across the table.


PRO: I can wear even LESS makeup.


CON: I have to learn how to be independent again.


PRO: I can vacuum at 4AM. Sorry, neighbors!


CON: I have to take the trash out/do the dishes/launder everything. Granted, I am the one dirtying everything up, but still, it was nice to have a partner to give me a break.


PRO: I can leave tennis shoes in the middle of the living room floor for days.


CON: No one is renting movies from Redbox for our date night entertainment.


PRO: I can sleep completely sideways in my bed.


CON: Date nights = solo ventures involving bottomless boxes of Cheerios.


PRO: Husband’s friend at boot camp has a girlfriend who FOUND me and we just CLICKED like two links in a fence, and now we are long-distance BFFs and life is SO MUCH BETTER with her in it. LOVE HER!


CON:really need to get my oil changed…(where I come from, that’s something a boy you love does for you, not a shop)


PRO: I spend a lot of time with my incredible book club friends, and our increasingly close-knit friendship has seriously improved my existence.


CON: I am dateless for every event I attend. Thank goodness I never attend events!


PRO: I can spread crafts out all over my dining room table for WEEKS.


CON: My untouched crafts sit out on the dining room table for WEEKS.


PRO: I can eat an entire batch of brownies by myself. (Wait, that happened before he left.)


CON: No one is around to notice if I eat an entire batch of brownies by myself, which was a great reason to not eat an entire batch of brownies by myself.


PRO: The couch pillows remain forever perfectly in place. *angels sing*


CON: Nothing smells like Husband.


PRO: I get to be alone ALL THE TIME.


CON: I am alone ALL THE TIME.


PRO: I get to go to bed at 7PM and no one is around to tell me to stop acting like I’m 80 years old.


CON: I’m the only one sleeping in my bed, ever.


PRO: Husband’s side of the bed is always made!


CON: Which makes it egregiously obvious that I am way too lazy to make my side of the bed.


PRO: There aren’t any dirty monkey men messing up my apartment and throwing up on my floor and peeing all over my bathroom (looking at you, Brother-In-Law!).


CON: There aren’t any dirty monkey men messing up my apartment and throwing up on my floor and peeing all over my bathroom (I miss Husband’s comrades being around, just maybe not Brother-In-Law’s uncontrollable, Jack Daniels-fueled antics…).


PRO: I never buy snacks/foods that Husband loves and I shouldn’t be eating (but do).


CON: There are never any good snacks in the house!!!


PRO: I can spend the entire weekend at my mother’s house.


CON: There is no Husband to come home to after a long weekend at my mother’s house.


PRO: I receive lots of hilarious and heartfelt letters from Husband.


CON: My hand ALWAYS CRAMPS UP when I write him letters, which makes my atrocious handwriting WORSE.


PRO: I get to talk to Husband on the phone every Sunday for at least ten minutes!


CON: I immediately want to cry after talking to Husband on the phone every Sunday.


PRO: Because I’m keeping so busy, I have LOTS of ideas/material for my blog.


CON: I can’t run home and tell Husband about all my blog ideas.


PRO: I get to wear those hideous sweatpants ALL THE TIME.


CON: I have to wait to have babies.


PRO: I have lots of time to do whatever I want, and especially things I assume I won’t be able to do when I have babies. (I’d rather have the babies.)


CON: I don’t get to smush my face against Husband’s and giggle uncontrollably.


PRO: Husband cannot tickle me!!!


CON: Husband cannot snuggle me.


PRO: Husband cannot track dirt into the bathroom with his muddy farm boots.


CON: Husband cannot scoop me up and kiss me.


PRO: I get to handle ALL OF THE FINANCES. And you KNOW how much I love that.


CON: I have to make sure I’m not messing up any of the finances.


PRO: I get free health insurance!


CON: I think? Because information from the army is sparse and very confusing.


PRO: I get to call myself an army wife.


CON: Being an army wife means I spend a lot of time wishing I could sniff Husband.


PRO: My soldier is following his dreams, which makes surviving without him an honor.



I could go on for hours, but it’s Friday, which means the weekend is here so it’s time to celebrate!


Go skip through the lilies and be merry. I love you all.



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