Vegan 21 Day Fix

It’s finally here! My very first update of my vegan round of the 21 Day Fix!

I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE blogging about the 21 Day Fix. Or any healthy-eating program, for that matter. I could talk about healthy eats and wellness all day long. Which is what I’ll be doing for the next three weeks with YOU and everyone I encounter.


Before I dive into my first three days of the vegan Fix, I’m want to talk a little bit more about my feelings toward the vegan version of the 21 Day Fix program and explain some of the key differences between the regular version and the vegan version. 


If you’re new around here, you should definitely check out my posts about my first experience with the 21 Day Fix. I completed that round a few months ago. I LOVED it. And I lost a LOT of weight! So I’m doing another round, but this time, I’m going VEGAN.

I discuss my reasoning and preference for the vegan version of the 21 Day Fix in this post, so check it out if you’re curious and wondering if you should give it a try.


I’m curious to see how well I’ll adjust to a meat-and-dairy-free diet (though my normal diet is relatively animal-product free). I am a little nervous about meal prep and recipe creation, but I’m also excited. I mean, there are a lot of plant-based sources of sustenance out there!

For example, I can’t wait to make tacos with quinoa as the “meat”! I can even throw some beans in those tacos for extra protein. Veggie tacos!

I might even make coconut “bacon.” Yes, this exists. Vegans are seriously impressive with their inventiveness and clever substitutions.

I intend to take full advantage of that vegan adventurousness while on the vegan Fix. Expect to see lots of recipes this time around, too!


As we learned LAST time I did the Fix, meal creativity is KEY to enjoying this program.

While I do currently eat a lot of “vegan” things (vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, etc.), I prepare and consume these foods in boring ways.

And that kind of food prep will not get me through the next three weeks. Well, it would, but I’d be miserable.

SO I have been all over Pinterest and pinning stuff to my new Vegan 21 Day Fix Recipes board. Check it out and make sure you’re following it if you’re joining me in this vegan round. I’ll be constantly pinning new finds to that board. Lots of them are similar to those found on my regular 21 Day Fix Recipes board. Follow that board, too, for great ideas! I hunt for recipes 24/7 and pin new ones almost daily. In my regular 21 Day Fix board, I made an effort to list the recipes’ container counts IN the pin descriptions, too. The extra step makes a difference! Preparation and convenience are important components of the 21 Day Fix program.


For me, it’s important to actively hunt for and create new recipes when I’m trying to lose weight. Because when I get Food Bored, I eat everything in sight and/or foods that are NOT Fix-approved.


You see, I don’t have the greatest eating habits. It’s usually one extreme or the other for me…

…either I’m not eating at all, or I’m shoveling a stream of Cheerios and guilt into my mouth.

And I need to knock it off! I’ve reached the point of being annoyed by my own excuses. And I want to have babies soon, so I need to establish and STICK WITH good eating habits. Maintenance is a million times easier than getting healthy in the first place.

But, because I let myself get squishy again, I need to get healthy before I can maintain it.


Which is why the 21 Day Fix is ideal for me.

Because I need to reset my bad habits. I need to retrain myself to eat correct portions of healthy foods.

I’m sick of yo-yoing!!


And I am actually quite hopeful about sustaining these vegan eating habits after the fix is over. Because I LIKE all of the foods allowed on the vegan 21 Day Fix. I actually tend to gravitate toward veggies and whole grains whether I’m dieting or not.


Speaking of vegan Fix foods, here is a PDF detailing all of the differences between the regular 21 Day Fix and the vegan version.


You can see on the PDF that there are a few KEY changes to the red and yellow containers on the vegan 21 Day Fix:

  • You can fill the red (proteins) container with beans and legumes! FINALLY! Lentils are a protein!
  • The yellow (carbs) container is split into 2 groups: yellow A and yellow B.
    • Yellow A = whole grains (like quinoa, oatmeal, etc.)
    • Yellow B = tubers and processed grains (sweet potato, crackers, etc.)


For convenience (and because I can’t help myself), I’ve created little images detailing what you’re allowed to fill the red and each yellow container with on the VEGAN 21 Day Fix.

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Here are the two yellow groups for the vegan Fix.
Remember, yellow A items are better for you than yellow B items.

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Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey!


The other containers’ allowed foods are fairly similar to the regular 21 Day Fix allowed foods.


Now, I fall into the 1,200-1,499 calorie bracket for the 21 Day Fix. Click here to learn how to calculate your calorie bracket.

According to my calorie bracket, on the normal 21 Day Fix program, I am allowed to have this many containers per day: 

  • 3 green
  • 2 purple
  • 4 red
  • 2 yellow
  • 1 blue
  • 1 orange
  • 2 teaspoons oil/nut butter

On the vegan 21 Day Fix program, I am allowed to have this many containers per day:

  • 5 green
  • 1 purple
  • 3 red
  • 3 yellow A
  • 1 yellow B
  • 1 blue
  • 1 orange
  • 2 teaspoons oil/nut butter


More greens and yellows.

Less purples and reds.

I’m only sad about the purple deficit, since I love fruit. But I am HAPPY about the red deficit, since I had trouble eating all my reds last round.


Even though I get to enjoy more of the foods I regularly eat, PLANNING AHEAD will still be essential to my success in this round.

Mostly because of the VEGAN element.

After all, my last round of the fix conditioned me to use chicken, shrimp, and tuna as key sources of protein. This time, I’ll have to rely on beans and chickpeas (and maybe tofu, eventually, if I’m feeling brave enough).




Weight goal = I’d like to lose 20 pounds. HOWEVER, I do not expect to lose 20 pounds in the next three weeks. I’d like to lose a few pounds per week during this round so I can maintain the weight loss after the round is over and continue with the Fix until I reach my 20-pound goal. Too drastic of a weight loss  = too difficult to keep weight off, which I learned the hard way after my first round of the Fix.
I will not tell you how much I weigh, just how much I lose. Also, I will not be measuring myself. Instead, I will be celebrating both scale and non-scale victories (non-scale victories = NSV, in Fix-speak). A NSV is something like, “OMG, I can button last summer’s shorts, again!”
I took “before” pictures and I will take “after” pictures. This time, I’ll post my BEFORE pictures in THIS post instead of holding out on you until the very end. You’ve already seen me when I’m “puffy,” so I don’t mind if you see me all puffed up again!


Food goal = I’d like to get a firm grasp on portion control. I know for a fact that I’m eating WAY more food than I should be. No one should be stuffed to the brim after eating a meal, but that has been me after every “meal,” lately. I want to recalibrate my body to crave appropriate amounts of food and STOP when I’m full. And I want to maintain this adjustment post-Fix.


Clothing goal = I’d like to fit into all of my shorts from last summer after this round is over. Some of them fit, but none of them look good. I want my lean legs back!


Water goal = I want to drink at least a gallon of water per day (1 gallon = 128 oz.). You’re supposed to drink half your weight in ounces PER DAY on the 21 day fix. So, if you weigh 160 lbs., you should be drinking 80 oz. of water per day. I usually drink 100-150 (sometimes 200) oz. per day, so this shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll have to be diligent about it, though, because it’s easy to forget to chug water. Also, I notice that, when I get my 150 oz. (or so) in for the day, I have less room in my stomach for food, which is another reason sufficient water intake is good for my goals.


Exercise goal = I’m going to aim to get in 30 minutes of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY during this round of the Fix. I believe that this is totally doable, so I’m going to hold myself to it! I have way more energy when I’m working out every single day, and my confidence soars. I will make sure to get a sweat session in daily.


Food creativity goal = I hope to discover at least one brand new food that I love and will continue to eat after my vegan Fix is over. I also intend to experiment with new recipes and incorporate as much cleverness into my meals as possible. I don’t want to eek by on celery sticks and beans for the next three weeks; I want to thrive while living the “vegan lifestyle.” Vegans get creative, and I want to be just as creative during this round of the fix (and learn new food tricks that I’ll use for the rest of my life).


I’ll evaluate my success with these goals at the end of my vegan 21 Day Fix.


One of the things I look forward to with this vegan round of the fix is eating BEANS and CHICKPEAS as protein sources (reds).

Because that means I can have cowboy caviar for dinner!

It contains black beans and kidney beans. Plus lots of vegetables (usually diced bell peppers, corn, and tomatoes), cilantro, avocado, and an oil-and-vinegar dressing. I could count it as half-red, half-green because of the beans and veggies (plus part of a blue for the avocado and a few teaspoons of oil for the dressing).

Just look at it. 

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I could eat it with whole grain tortilla chips!


You’re allowed to have tortilla chips as a yellow swap three times per week on the 21 Day Fix. It’s obviously difficult to fit chips into your yellow container (or a 1/2 c. measuring cup), so I like to err on the side of caution and allow myself to eat 5-7 chips as a yellow.


I base my own cowboy caviar recipe off of Cookie and Kate’s Cowboy Caviar recipe. Her recipe is healthy and totally customizable.

All of her recipes are incredible. I’ve created MANY of her foods in my own kitchen, and I’m never disappointed with the finished products!

Speaking of great recipes – I’ve created a page that lists ALL of my favorite bloggers (and I explain why I love them) for your viewing pleasure. All of the food bloggers are healthy cooking/baking pros, and I am sure I’ll rely on them a lot in the coming weeks


I mentioned in my vegan 21 Day Fix announcement that I would not be using the colorful containers to measure my food this time around. This is because I gave them to my sister. Although I might get them back from her soon.

If I don’t, however, I will be just fine without them, because each colorful box equals a specific measurement cup that I already possess!

I am all about being able to do this program WITHOUT SPENDING TONS OF MONEY, anyway, so it’ll be good practice using what I already own.


Here are the container equivalents. You can find these all over google if you search for them.

Green = 1 cup

Purple = 1 cup

Red = 3/4 cup

Yellow = 1/2 cup

Blue = 1/3 cup

Orange = 2 Tablespoons

Teaspoon = teaspoon



Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@perksofinterest). I post 21 Day Fix food pictures CONSTANTLY when I’m doing a round of the Fix.

I also post pictures of red velvet cupcakes when I’m NOT dieting because I love food.


So, are you ready to jump in? I am!

Let’s get to it!


Here are my BEFORE pictures:

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…so there’s that.


Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 1-3

The first three days were…interesting. And…I cheated. You’ll see.


Day 1

I popped out of bed at 4:45am because I was SO excited to start my vegan Fix.

I was DREADING my workout, however.


I wake up at 5AM every day, usually. Because I am a morning person. If you want to know WHY I am a morning person, read my How to Become a Morning Person post.


One of the reasons I wake up at the crack of dawn is because I like to work out before I start my day. Plus, I am way too tired to sweat at the END of a work day.


Day 1 exercise = I did 30 minutes of my FIRM: Hi-Def Sculpt video. (click on that link to see my “Favorite Workout Videos” post where I list and describe all of my at-home exercise videos). The Hi-Def Sculpt video is a slower-paced video that focuses on weight-lifting. I like this video in particular because I feel like I’m not killing myself during the video, but I always have to roll out of bed the next day. I also did 200 jump ropes after the video.  


After my shower, I was starving.

I was also geeked because I planned to have oatmeal for breakfast.

I have to eat THREE yellow As per day, and 1/2 c. of oatmeal counts as one!

I added blackberries for sweetness and chia seeds to get half an orange in (and I also added them because chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and protein). Four teaspoons of chia seeds = 1 orange. I added 2 teaspoons because 2 teaspoons was PLENTY in my oatmeal.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


You will see in that picture that I measured my cooked oats to MAKE SURE I was only eating a 1/2 cup. I read online somewhere that 1/3 cup of DRY oats = 1/2 c. cooked oats. That is a LIE. My half-cup was overflowing with oats.

Next time, I’ll cook 1/4 c. of dry oats, since I know that will be far closer to an actual half-cup serving.


I also packed my lunch, which consisted of a salad and a protein shake.


I drink Vega One as my protein shake. I do NOT drink Shakeology.

I have nothing against Shakeology. In fact, I love it. I’ve actually tried all of the flavors and reviewed them for you in this post, if you’re curious.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


I bought Vega One a week after I bought Vegan Shakeology. I did this because I wanted something cheaper than Shakeology but just as effective. And all internet signs pointed to Vega One. Well, at least for me, they did. Because I like vegan things. I prefer plant-based foods. Because animal-based foods are much more mysterious when it comes to added salt/other ingredients/hormones/antibiotics/origin than plant-based foods are.

A celery stalk came out of the dirt, end of story. It might be riddled with pesticides, but it was born in the dirt.


Anyway, I bought Vega One as a Shakeology replacement because 1) it was cheaper (slightly) and 2) Vega One has less sodium, less sugar, and more protein per serving than Shakeology.

However, it does NOT have as many superfoods in it as Shakeology does.

Also, it doesn’t taste as good as Shakeology (probably because of less sugar).

And it doesn’t immediately fill you up in the same way Shakeology does.

BUT they both kept me full for an hour or so after drinking (if consumed on an empty stomach), so effectiveness to that degree is equal.


Ask any Beachbody coach why Shakeology is better than Vega One (or any other protein/nutritional shake) and they’ll be able to give you tons of legitimate reasons. Again, I have nothing against Shakeology. It works wonders for some people and is essential to many Fixers’ success on the 21 Day Fix program.

I choose to drink Vega One because I already own it and because I am NOT a huge protein shake drinker. I’ll drink it till it’s gone and never buy it again.

Lastly, in Shakeology’s defense, my mom loves vegan Chocolate Shakeology and swears it gives her an energy boost. So there’s that!

P.S. I’m not a Beachbody coach. I was for a little bit, but not anymore.

So, all in all, buy Shakeology if you want to. I won’t, because it is not essential for my own success with this program.

Plus it’s expensive.




For the rest of my lunch, I created a salad.

NOTE: I don’t put dressings on my salads. WASTE of calories, if you ask me.

Plus, I recently discovered that, if you squeeze Dijon mustard on your salad and shake it all up, it’s kind of like a dressing!

And if you squeeze some Sriracha in there, it’s like a deliciously spicy salad party! I LOVE SRIRACHA.


Also, juices/moisture from Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes contribute to the “dressing” element of my salads.


Hot sauce and mustard are FREE on the 21 Day Fix, which means you can add them to your foods without having to count them toward any containers/teaspoons!

It’s just great!

I had a moment of panic when I wrote that last sentence, because it occurred to me that my Dijon mustard might have ANIMAL products in it.

It doesn’t! I just googled it.

And although Sriracha’s ingredients aren’t the greatest, it DOES lack animal products, so I can eat it on vegan Fix.


Here’s my salad:

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Also, guess what? TONIGHT IS BOOK CLUB NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, technically book club is tomorrow at the beach, but tonight the girls are coming over for a sleepover. And they’ve all agreed to eat vegan quinoa tacos!


How do I intend to make these tacos?


I cooked the quinoa on Sunday since I read somewhere that day-old quinoa is best for making quinoa patties. And though these are not patties, I figured day-old quinoa must possess some magical element that’ll ensure it tastes more like “taco meat” after its 24-hour rest period.


I took some cute quinoa prep pictures for you.

When you rinse your quinoa, which you should do if you want to get rid of that bitter outer coating of saponin on each grain, it looks like that magic moon sand kids get to play with.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


And it looks completely different once cooked.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!

So fluffy!

Quinoa tastes nutty and wholesome. Which makes it the PERFECT base for “vegan taco meat.”


This is how I will create my homemade quinoa taco meat: I will mix 2 T. of my healthy homemade taco seasoning with a can of organic fire-roasted tomatoes. I will reduce that on the stove until it looks thick enough to not be soupy, and then I’ll add my cooked quinoa.

And then I’ll reduce it more if it still looks too soupy.

And that will be it!


Since I am going to drink a glass of delicious red wine at book club tonight, I have to count that glass of wine as my yellow substitute. Because that’s how you get to drink wine on the Fix. You have to omit ONE of your yellow containers for the day if you have a glass of wine. And you can only do this three times per week.

For vegan me, I have to substitute my glass of wine for my yellow B container. Yeah, the GOOD yellow. Which means I’ll be having a vegan quinoa taco “bowl” for dinner (no whole grain taco shell, which I would have counted as my yellow B).

Also, I am going to add a red container (3/4 c.) of black beans to my quinoa taco bowl to get another red in.

And you KNOW I’m adding 1/3 c. of avocado (1 blue).


What I ate on Day 1:

  • 1/2 c. oatmeal + 5 blackberries + 2 t. chia seeds = 1 yellow A, 1/3 purple, 1/2 orange
  • 1 container of spinach + 1 container of Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes + drizzle of Dijon mustard = 2 green
  • Vega One protein shake = 1 red
  • 1/2 c. of quinoa taco meat + 3/4 c. of black beans + 1 c. of sautéed bell peppers + 1/3 c. avocado + cilantro = 1 yellow A, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • 1 glass of wine = 1 yellow B
  • a few raspberries = 2/3 purple

Day 1 totals:

2 red (of 3)
3 green (of 5)
2 yellow A (of 3)
1 yellow B
1 purple
1 blue
1/2 orange (of 1)
1 teaspoon oil (for the cooked peppers)


I didn’t eat all my foods because I didn’t plan well enough. I have a can of chickpeas I’m going to crack open soon to throw in my salads for lunch.


So, about day 1’s food.


The oatmeal + chia seeds kept me full until 11am! And I ate it at 7am! I had forgotten how effective oats can be in staving off hunger. WILL REPEAT.

I had my shake around 11am. Well, I nursed it for a good 30-40 minutes.

My salad was a delicious as can be!

Brussels sprouts: they are SCRUMPTIOUS when halved, sprayed with coconut oil, and roasted in a 350-degree oven until tender. They are so-so when steamed in a bag. I’m looking forward to finishing off these steamed sprouts so I can get back to roasting.

Brussels sprouts are awesome because they provide a very rich, meaty element to salads. They’re great as a side, too. And they’re very filling! Not to mention ridiculously nutritious.


And, OMG, my quinoa taco bowl was I N C R E D I B L E.

The thrown-together “taco meat” technique I invented needed a little more flavor/liquid while I made it, so I added a 6 oz. can of tomato paste to the quinoa (plus some water) to give the quinoa that classic taco meat hue.

Fully assembled, the bowl was BEAUTIFUL.


And the quinoa tasted exactly like tacos! So, when I mixed everything together, I couldn’t even tell that my bowl lacked meat!!!


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Here’s how the bowl assembly went:


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


That avocado, OMG. ♥


The glass of wine was okay. I poured myself a GIANT glass of cherry wine, because I didn’t feel like limiting myself, but the wine was so tart that I only got about halfway through the glass. I tried to nurse some other flavors of wine, but my stomach was pretty unhappy after the cherry version.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Book Club sleepover was the best idea EVER. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time.

Us ladies, we talk nonstop from the moment we gather together. And when we separate, we do so regretfully, for there is ALWAYS MORE to talk about.



Day 2

BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it was supposed to be beach day. The weather did not cooperate.


My Brilliant eBook-Editing Friend wanted to join me for a morning run on day 2. However, she assured me that, if I wanted to run alone, she would be happy to skip it. When I popped out of bed at 6:30AM and was ready to run at 7:00AM, I peeked in on her, and she was so soundly asleep that I couldn’t bring myself to wake her for a run.

Plus, I kind of wanted to run alone. Because I’ve only run for exercise a few times in my life and I am SLOW SLOW SLOW. And WINDED. And I’ve never run with a partner before, so I didn’t know how I’d be able to pace myself alongside a friend.

have exercised with Brilliant eBook-Editing Friend before, though. Like, five years ago, when P90X was in its prime. We did some of those videos together a few times and promptly abandoned them because HAVE YOU EVER TRIED P90X?!


Day 2 exercise = 30 minute run. Running is not my forte, but I do it when it’s more convenient than popping a video in. The last 20 minutes of my run were filled with deals I made with myself. “Just to that tree,” I would say, and then, “If you make it all around the bend, you might be closer to 30 minutes,” and then, “I bet if you loop around just once more, you’ll have reached 30 minutes.” I did eventually run for thirty minutes straight. It wasn’t easy. But I felt like it was over before I knew it!


We intended to go to the beach on day 2, but it was freezing outside and the sun hid itself behind clouds all day. So, we opted to see a movie instead.


We saw Me Before You.


If there is one thing you learn from all of the information in this post, it is this:




It is, without a doubt, the WORST movie I have ever forced myself to sit through.

It is hilariously awful.

Like, so bad, I took a bathroom break halfway through and DAWDLED in the bathroom to avoid returning to my theater seat.

A total joke, that film is!


I read the book. The book is PHENOMENAL. The book is one of the best books I’ve ever read.


The movie, on the other hand, makes absolutely no sense to someone who hasn’t read the book. Or, rather, the movie is devoid of all of the details and scenes that make the book great. I cannot accurately describe my horror throughout the movie, but I can tell you that I moaned audibly and smacked my face with both hands at LEAST 10 times because the movie is truly THAT RIDICULOUS.

I still can’t believe the director got away with it. I felt like I was watching the trashiest telenovela known to man. Except WORSE. And with a main character that is 100% opposite the character she is supposed to play.


Don’t see it. Trust me.

Or do see it. Just to recalibrate the “Horrible” mark on your Movie Judgement spectrum.

And PLEASE don’t confuse my hatred for this movie with “refined movie judgement” or “movie snobbery.” I am NOT a movie snob. In fact, Sister says I have ZERO taste in movies because I love them all. Especially the ones she deems “horrendous.”

I love every movie I’ve sat through except Me Before You and Pursuit of Happyness. Those two movies should be erased from humanity’s history.


Guess what we did before we went and saw the Worst Movie in the World?


We did the pencil needle baby test.


If you haven’t done this, YOU MUST.

It’s seriously crazy.

What you do is shove a needle into the eraser on a pencil, tie a string to that needle, and then hold the other end of the string over the wrist of a man/woman for whom you want to predict the childbearing future.

While you’re holding the string, the pencil point moves over the subject’s wrist on its own. Horizontally, vertically, diagonally, in circles, whatever. And each movement means either boy or girl. And the pencil stills between each movement, which is how you count how many you’ll have.



My Brilliant eBook Friend gets the same result every time. One boy and one girl.

My BFF Redhead Friend always gets three kids. I can’t recall the genders.



I was getting very jealous as I watched that pencil CONTINUE to twirl and sway over Sister’s wrist, but then it was my turn.

Guess how many I’m going to have?


FIVE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is the exact number I said I wanted!

And guess what?

There were TWINS in there, too.

According to some of the websites we were consulting, a diagonal sway = twins. BOTH TIMES we did the needle pencil test on my wrist, the pencil swayed in a prominent diagonal line. And it did so at the same point in my kids’ birth order. I think I get a girl and then twins. I can’t remember. I was just happy to have FIVE.


Hope you’re ready Husband, because we’ve got a brood in our future.

HALLELUJAH!!! It seriously made my day.

11 children between Sister and I!

I cannot WAIT.


And we did EVERYONE’S wrist TWICE, with a different person holding the string over another’s wrist. You know, just for experimental validity.

And we all got the same results each time!

Well, except for Brilliant eBook-Editing Friend. Her genders kept switching. We tested her multiple times, though, and she got TWO KIDS each time.


Anyway, it’s SO MUCH FUN. You MUST try this. Try it on your parents.

I’ve never seen two parents have DIFFERENT results. Both parents always have the same number and gender of kids in the same order.

We even did it on MY parents, and my mother had a child with a different man before she met my father. AND HER TEST SHOWED FOUR KIDS, AND HIS SHOWED THREE. You’d better believe the genders and birth orders matched up on the last three for both parents, though.

Seriously, SO WEIRD, this test is.

Try it and tell me your results in the comments!!


Back to vegan updates.


On day 2, I made Vega One shakes for Brilliant eBook-Editing Friend and myself for breakfast.

Then, I had some celery.

Then, I had some leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.

Then, I had a delicious wrap that Brilliant Friend made VEGAN just for me. She omitted the cream cheese and replaced it with Dijon mustard. Everything else was the same – the spinach wrap, the shredded purple cabbage, the baby spinach, and the julienned carrots and bell peppers.

It was incredible. So fresh and crunchy. Utterly delightful.


Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


The wrap was also a delightful end to the HEALTHY EATING portion of my day.

Because day 2 quickly spiraled into a CHEAT DAY after that wrap.


I decided I could share a giant bag of buttered popcorn and a slushie with Sister at the movie theater.

Because remember? I’m trying to incorporate reasonable moderation into my diet during this round of the Fix, just so I don’t eat everything in sight after it’s over. So I’m going to allow myself to eat things I’m not “supposed” to eat if I REALLY want those things. IN MODERATION, of course.

And this movie cheat “meal” would have been fine if my “cheat eats” ended with the popcorn and shushie.

But, no.

Moderation went shoop! right out the window.


Later in the evening, after all of my Book Club Ladies had gone, I continued to munch my way through my kitchen.

Which means day 2’s eats were horrible, and I felt gross the morning after eating all of the crap I ate.


Lesson learned: If I am going to “allow myself to eat foods I shouldn’t,” on this Fix, I must SAVE these foods for the very end of the night and make SURE they are the LAST thing I eat before bed.

This is what I am going to try, at least. We will see how it goes.


What I ate on Day 2:

  • Vega One protein shake = 1 red
  • A few stalks of celery = 1 green
  • 1/4 c. of quinoa taco meat + 3/8 c. of black beans = 1/2 yellow A, 1/2 red
  • spinach wrap = 1 yellow B, 1 green
  • movie theater popcorn + slushie = BAD FOOD/CHEAT
  • 2 t. peanut butter = 2 teaspoons
  • chocolate chips = BAD FOOD/CHEAT
  • a few whole grain tortilla chips = BAD FOOD/CHEAT
  • 1 popsicle = BAD FOOD/CHEAT
  • 2 cups watermelon = 2 purple

Day 2 totals:

1.5 red (of 3)
2 green (of 5)
1/2 yellow A (of 3)
1 yellow B
2 purple (of 1)
0 blue (of 1)
0 orange (of 1)
2 teaspoons peanut butter


I didn’t eat all of my containers because I ate EVERYTHING ELSE. Carb and sugar city on day 2. Bad Brooke!


I watched Scandal on Netflix until I went to bed.


Day 3

I woke up and felt like a bag of tired garbage on day 3 due to day 2’s eats.

But I worked out anyway, because that’s how I want to live my life.


Day 3’s exercise = Autumn’s (she’s the creator of 21 Day Fix) 30-minute Total Body Cardio Fix video. It’s been a LONG TIME since I popped this puppy in and pressed play. And my body could tell. I’m pretty sure I almost died during the ski jumps. This was TOUGH. But I pushed through!


After, I showered and packed my lunch.

Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


That salad has spinach, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, and chili powder. I like chili powder on EVERYTHING.

I made some blackberry oatmeal for breakfast again on day 3. I wolfed that down before I embarked to the dispatching-war-zone that is work.


What I ate on Day 3:

  • 1/2 c. oatmeal + 1/2 c. blackberries = 1 yellow A, 1/2 purple
  • A few stalks of celery + green pepper = 1 green
  • (salad) 2 cups baby spinach + 3/4 c. chickpeas + cherry tomatoes = 2.5 green1 red
  • 1/2 c. of quinoa taco meat + 3/4 c. of black beans + 1 c. of sautéed bell peppers + 1/3 c. avocado + cilantro = 1 yellow A, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • 2/3 of half a batch of Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies = 1 yellow A, 1/2 purple, plus other stuff

Day 3 totals:

2 red (of 3)
4.5 green (of 5)
3 yellow A
0 yellow B (of 1)
1 purple (of 1)
1 blue
0 orange (of 1)
many teaspoons coconut oil


I didn’t eat all my food because I was full after that taco bowl. But, look! I ate all of my yellow As! Those are harder to get in than they look. I was strategic with my “dessert” and chose to make one that counted as a yellow A AND satisfied my sweet tooth! And I DEFINITELY needed something sweet on day 3 night.


Work has been I N S A N E lately. I’m responsible for shipping complicated USDA loads by the dozen all over the USA these next two weeks, and the due dates and deadlines swirl through my brain into the wee hours of the evening, making sleep something I must fight for these days.

Hopefully work dies down soon.


P.S. I missed Husband a LOT on day 3.

Interestingly, I find that I miss him whenever I have to kill a bug.

It’s not like I said, “HUSBAND, GET IN HERE AND SQUISH THIS BUG FOR ME!” when he was here. It’s just that it would be nice to have the option to ask him to kill the bug for me.

I got to FaceTime with Husband for a long while on day 3 night, though. Like snuggling inside a cozy blanket, I always feel so much better after having a conversation with him. Plus he is just so easy on the eyes. 😉


Another reason I hope work dies down soon is so that I can regale you with more pointless tales of my daily happenings. When my daily happenings consist of insane amounts of work during the day and mindless TV-watching at night, there isn’t much to profess.


I WILL get going on turning-blog-into-full-time-venture goals very soon.

Just as soon as I finish Scandal on Netflix.

I SWEAR I’ll stop watching Netflix after that.

At least until the next Pretty Little Liars season comes out.


I will also work on creating more vegan recipes.

Because I LOVE Mexican food, I’m planning on making “vegan fajitas” soon. I actually have all of the ingredients in my fridge. Wait until you see these!


And guess what? I received a FREE copy of the Fixate cookbook as my prize for winning one of the 21 Day Fix challenge groups I’m in!!!

Check this puppy out:

Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!

It’s FILLED with 21 Day Fix recipes, and many of them are vegan!!!!!!

If you’re doing the 21 Day Fix or interested in starting it and you want to be in a challenge group, then tell Megan! She’s hosting another challenge group with her friend Leslie that starts Monday, July 4. Megan and Leslie ROCK at hosting challenge groups. They incorporate fun challenges and interesting recipes and friendly competitions into their challenges, and I get excited every time they start a new one. Plus, PRIZES. Click here and send Megan a Facebook message if you want to join the next group!

I’ll be in that group, posting gross sweaty selfies and telling everyone how many lunges I can do and liking every single post that pops up.


Are you wondering if I’m EVER going to tell you about the recipe for those cookies I made on day 3?

Well, I am! Right now.


I made my own version of Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

First of all, I halved the recipe, because I didn’t need TWO CUPS of oats staring at me.


So, this is how I made my cookie dough:

  1. I melted 1/4 c. of coconut oil and set it aside.
  2. Then, I pulsed in my adorable food processor 1 c. of rolled oats, 1 T. of flax seed, and 1/2 c. of unsweetened shredded coconut.
  3. I dumped that mixture on top of my melted oil and added 1 T. of unsweetened apple sauce.
  4. And I mixed that all up.


I went to taste it and stopped.

Because, as I mentally ran through the recipe, I couldn’t recall having added sugar.

I double checked the recipe, and NOPE, no sugar is added!

Neither were raisins, since I didn’t have any.

So I peered at my spoonful and reluctantly lifted it to my lips.


It was delicious!!!


Then, because EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CHOCOLATE, I dumped a bunch of cocoa powder onto my raw cookie dough.

The cocoa powder was…tough to incorporate.

Quite crumbly.

And when I tried the chocolate dough, it tasted like a bitter bag of dirt.


So I dumped a tablespoon of maple syrup on top plus another tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce, and when I mixed it, the dough came together brilliantly.

And when I tasted it, the dough was finally slightly sweet again.


And so I gobbled it up, but I was actually FULL before I could finish the whole thing. Which is good!

A normal-sized “dessert” just for me. It was delicious AND nutritious!



Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!

It doesn’t look good, but I promise, it was exactly what I needed to survive day 3 without eating my way through my cupboards.


And I know it contains WAY MORE than 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. But I simply did not care. Because what I really wanted to eat was a handful of chocolate chips. And by handful I mean entire bag. And this raw cookie dough allowed me to stay away from the chip binge.

And did you know? I am fresh out of vegan chocolate chips. Regular chocolate chips have dairy in them. Which means they are not vegan. This is a fact of which I was WELL AWARE yesterday when I tossed a few into my mouth. I’m sorry. And I promise that, from this point forward, I will not consume any chocolate that has dairy it in.

I did find a recipe for homemade vegan chocolate chips, actually…

I’ll make those another day!


Here are a few things I’m learning on the vegan 21 Day Fix:

  • It’s actually quite difficult to plan out the day’s eats when you can’t have meat or dairy.
  • I actually miss cheese, but I think that’s only because I can’t have it.
  • Like last time, I’m finding that I save my “good” containers for nighttime in case I “need” them. Because I am a nighttime snacker.
  • I love vegetables and the vegan 21 Day Fix for allowing me to have FIVE cups per day.
  • I was originally EXCITED about being able to eat FOUR YELLOW CONTAINERS per day. But this is actually worse. Because only ONE of those yellows lets me have yummy carbs. So I actually get LESS carbs than I want on the vegan Fix. Boo!
  • I am having zero issues finding vegan dessert recipes. 🙂


I know I told you to follow my VEGAN 21 Day Fix Recipes Pinterest board, but if you’re a LOVER of all things sweet, you should also follow my Nom Nom Pinterest board. This board is FILLED with vegan/paleo/vegetarian/plant-based/gluten-free (and, also, some totally UNhealthy) DESSERTS. I’ve been working on that Nom Nom Pinterest board for years. And it is brimming with vegan recipes that I will definitely be making during the Fix. Check it out!


Also, on day 3, I slopped together four servings’ worth of overnight oats.


What are overnight oats?


They are a specially prepared kind of oatmeal.

You see, instead of cooking and exploding your oatmeal in the microwave in the morning, you mix up the oats and water (or milk) the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight.

It congeals while you sleep and BAM – breakfast is served cold in the AM.


Cold oatmeal is terribly unappetizing to me, so, because I intend to scoop out and then microwave my oats, I added extra water to my mixture to account for microwave evaporation.

I also threw enough chia seeds in there to get at least HALF of my orange container per serving.


Did you know? Chia seeds thicken everything up.

Have you ever heard of chia pudding?

It’s not my favorite, but I’m considering adding it to my diet just to get those dang oranges in.


Nuts go in the orange container, too. I promise to eat more nuts. Soon.

Soon as I rest my head for a few minutes, I promise to deliver everything and more. All of your wildest Brooke’s-vegan-21-Day-Fix-updates dreams will come true.


Speaking of your dreams – anything you’re curious about? Pertaining to vegan foods/the vegan diet, the 21 Day Fix, or anything else? Please feel free to leave a billion comments below with questions (and suggestions) for me! 


I’ll see you in three days! Since three days from now = Sunday and Sunday is the day before Monday, I’ll send a reminder alert on Facebook on Tuesday for Sunday’s post, just in case you missed it while you were celebrating the birth of our nation.


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