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Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21

Well…these last few days weren’t as successful as one would hope…

Busyness with moving home kept me on track with my eats until GOING home for the weekend threw me right back off.



Day 19

I popped out of bed before my alarm and immediately started packing up more stuff.

I was BORN to pack up my apartment.

Mostly because all of this packing is bringing me one step closer to the BIG NEWS that I’m going to share with you soon!


Day 19 exercise = I did an hour-long Pilates for AnyBODY video (see below). I chose this because I intend to get a nice, long run in while at my parents house tomorrow morning, and I didn’t want super sore legs for that run. Also, I really like pilates/yoga. I like how relaxing/seemingly easy they are but how SORE I am the next day. It’s like ninja exercise. You don’t even realize it’s happening. 


Pilates! Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Here’s the back of the DVD I chose:

Pilates! Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Though it is relaxing, it definitely works your body. You’re flexing almost the whole time because you have to stretch and HOLD poses.

What I love about pilates is that it’s a totally different workout from Autumn’s workouts and from running. It works different muscles in different ways.

Plus, pilates is so chill. Just like yoga. Love yoga.


I packed up a cute little lunch and headed to work.


During my lunch hour, I packed up an overnight bag, because you KNOW I’m spending the weekend at my mother’s house.


Mother’s house = cheat zone.

Can’t wait!

Just kidding. Since I have to take my final 21 Day Fix RESULTS pictures on MONDAY, I am going to do my best to behave this weekend.

No promises.


Also, I stumbled across Get In My Belly’s Cupcake Puppy Chow video on day 19 and had to grab hold of my work desk before I fainted.



I MUST find a vegan way to make this. THIS weekend. Because who cares about body progress pictures when you have Cupcake Puppy Chow.

To make this recipe a vegan recipe, you would need to make the follow swaps:

Coconut oil for butter

Cashew cream for heavy cream (cashew cream = cashews soaked for 12 hours and blended)

Dairy-free white chocolate chips for regular white chocolate chips


That puppy chow will be MINE.


Because life is all about spending the week eating very healthy foods and behaving and then swan diving off the wagon into the weekend.


I did have this for dinner though. Edamame is so firm, filling, and delicious. I highly recommend you try it if you haven’t already!

Edamame Salad! - Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!



What I ate on Day 19:

  • oatmeal = 1 yellow A
  • 1 c. spring greens + 1 c. kale/cherry tomatoes/mushrooms + drizzle of olive oil and balsamic = 2 green, 1 teaspoon
  • four radishes = 1/2 green
  • Vega One = 1 red
  • kale salad with, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and edamame = 2 green, 1 red
  • tortilla chips = 1 yellow B
  • candy = CHEAT

Day 19 totals:

2 red (of 3)
4.5 green (of 5)
1 yellow A (of 3)
1 yellow B
0 purple (of 1)
0 blue (of 1)
0 orange (of 1)
2 teaspoons of oil (from the salad’s oil)


I’m getting really lazy as this vegan Fix comes to an end

My inventiveness, my fervor for trying vegan variations of things is dwindling massively. Partly because I’ve been so busy packing up my house.

But also partly because I’m sick of eating vegan.

I kind of planned on cheating on day 20.


…in a non-vegan way.


I had this in my mind before I even left work on day 19 – that’s how sure I was that I was going to cheat.

That’s how ready I am for this vegan lifestyle to be over.

I couldn’t even wait until the END of this Fix to cheat with non-vegan foods!


Anyway, after work on day 19, I went to my mother’s house, unloaded another FULL carload of totes, and settled in.

I have six totes filled with craft stuff. Seriously! It’s a problem. The kind of problem that isn’t really a problem.


Tote by tote, I am moving Husband and I out of our first place together.

It’s bitter-sweet.

I was texting Husband about how sad I am to leave. And he won’t even be here to say goodbye.


So many things have happened in this apartment.


We got ENGAGED in this apartment (Husband sent me on a treasure hunt all over our hometown that led back to our apartment where he proposed – I’ll tell you the whole story some other time ♥).

We’ve had a billion fights in this apartment.

We’ve had a trillion date nights in this apartment.

We got married while we lived in this apartment.

We went on our honeymoon while we lived here.

Husband joined the National Guard while we lived in this apartment.

Husband and I bought a huge chunk of land while we lived here.

We decided on a start date for when we’d try to have babies while we lived in this apartment.


So many memories reside here. We’ll always have this, we will always share this – we will reminisce about this apartment for the rest of our lives. The beginning of our best days together started here.


So. I had a MASSIVE NSV on day 19. Remember – a NSV = Non-Scale Victory.


I was sitting at work, resting my neck in my palm, and suddenly it occurred to me that my pulse was very slow.

Like, shockingly slow.

Beat………!!!..beat. That slow.

So, I measured my Resting Heart Rate (RHR).


I used to be on a prescription that had a side effect of raising my heart rate. AND I used to smoke heavily. Back in those days, my heart rate was always incredibly high. I had a rockin’ body, but I had the RHR of a bunny rabbit.

It always bothered me that my heart was beating so quickly, which is one of the reasons I ditched the pills and the cigarettes.

I certainly never MEASURED my RHR during that time. GOD no. No body/health news is good news when you’re a smoker.


Well, I measured my RHR on day 19, and guess what it was?




The normal range is 60-100. Anything on the low end of the scale/lower is generally indicative of an efficient heart and good cardiovascular fitness.


Which means that I am very fit!

This was a huge deal to me.

Because you know I struggle with how I look in the mirror.

This NSV was my best yet.

I might not like how I look on the outside, but on the inside, I look great. And THAT is a huge, huge deal to me.

Because I’d rather be “fluffier” with a healthier heart than skinnier with an unfit cardiovascular system.

I have proof that I’m in shape. The proof is in the pulse.



Day 20

Due to premeditated non-vegan (and DEFINITELY not 21 Day Fix-approved) colossal cheats on day 20, this day is hereby erased from Brooke’s Vegan 21 Day Fix and shall never be spoken of again.


Kidding, of course.


Guess what I had on day 20?

Oatmeal and a kale salad.

Guess what I had after that?


All of this.

Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Oh yeah. All of it. Even the dog treats.


Here are the non-vegan things I had on day 20 because I’m a dirty rotten cheater who KNEW she’d have to come clean but CHEATED anyway:

  • ice cream
  • cheese
  • cookies
  • butter (in puppy chow)
  • chocolate chips


Oh yeah, I made Get In My Belly’s Cupcake Puppy Chow. The non-vegan version, of course.

Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


It was good, but my mother and I agreed that there was WAY too much almond flavoring in there. You could easily cut it in half. It was a little overpowering.

That puppy chow was so sweet I could hardly eat it.

I still ate it.

Along with everything else in the kitchen.

I ate and ate until I was full. Then I waited and ate some more!


Guess what I didn’t do on day 20?

Work out.



Day 20 exercise = NONE.


Zero. Zilch. I was super sore from that pilates video and from PACKING and MOVING, so I decided I was too exhausted for exertion. I was face tired. You know what I mean, right? How your whole face gets hot and tingly and screwy when you’re really tired? Started my day out like that.

So, on day 20, I broke my promise to work out every single day. But I planned to make up for it on day 21, if that means anything.


I’m a sham! A dirty, rotten, cheating sham!

With a quickly expanding waistline.


Except it was premeditated and therefore by no means an “oops.”

I was sick of eating vegan.

And I didn’t eat enough food all week long because I was trying to lose weight for body progress pictures. Also, I missed ice cream. Those two things + my mother’s house = Cheat City.


The day was marvelous, though. Mother and I watched tons of movies on TV and Big Brother came over later to join us. Eventually, we decided to play some card games, which was a riot. I love card games and I love my family, so I was in heaven.


What I ate on Day 20:

  • I’m not even going to bother filling this out. It was crap. Stuff that surely killed me a little. Shaved a few years off my life, I’m sure. Fake, dyed, fluorescent, sugary crap.
  • Plus Cheez-Its because I have been dreaming of them since day 1 of this Fix.

Tomorrow’s a new day, I swear!



Day 21

I woke up feeling like all the garbage I ate on day 20. Such is life.

But, I wrangled my things and headed to my apartment for more packing and sweating.


Day 21 exercise = I did my FAVORITE exercise video of all time – Total Body Time Crunch. (Click that link to read my review of it.) I love this video because it delivers a nice ass-kicking every time I do it. Weights + cardio = sweat out all the junk.

I did Autumn’s Yoga Fix video after the first exercise. This was my effort to “double up” to account for yesterday’s lazy day. I just love yoga. It makes me feel so much better every time I do it. I just know I’m doing wonders for my body and peace of mind when I practice it.


After I sufficiently sweated out many of yesterday’s food toxins, I continued to pack up my apartment and shove boxes/totes in my car.

Then, I delivered said totes to my mother’s house.

I told myself that I could have more ice cream when I got there, or maybe some Milk Duds.

But I decided against it when I arrived. After all, my poor stomach is going to pack up and LEAVE me if I keep filling it with such terrible foods.


I ate a kale salad instead.


And later, I made some homemade hummus.


Here’s my recipe for spinach and red pepper hummus (vegan!).

And here’s my recipe for spicy red lentil hummus (also vegan!).


I didn’t take step-by-step pictures for this hummus, but this is what I put in it:

  • 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • large handful of cilantro
  • juice from one lemon
  • tons of sriracha
  • enough extra virgin olive oil to make it creamy
  • salt and pepper
  • chili powder
  • crushed red pepper flakes


And I just blended all of those things together in my food processor until I finger swiped, tasted, and shrieked with delight. SO GOOD.


I then smeared a bunch of it on a collard leaf (with the stem torn out) and layered bell peppers on top. I sprinkled cilantro to finish and added a zigzag of sriracha, of course.

Vegan Hummus Collard Wrap! - Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


This wrap was just as fresh and delicious as it looks.

Vegan Hummus Collard Wrap! - Follow me on my Vegan 21 Day Fix journey! I'll post vegan recipes and daily updates on my progress through my first VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix!


Homemade hummus is so easy and cheap. Look how easy it is to make!

It’s even easier to consume.


What I ate on Day 21:

  • kale salad cherry tomatoes and Dijon mustard = 2 green
  • collard wrap with hummus = 1 green, 1 red
  • homemade “cookie dough” = 1 yellow A, lots of teaspoons
  • monster popcorn with garlic salt = 1 yellow B

Day 21 totals:

1 red (of 3)
3 green (of 5)
1 yellow A (of 3)
1 yellow B
0 purple (of 1)
0 blue (of 1)
0 orange (of 1)
2 teaspoons of oil (from the hummus and popcorn)


Day 21 was way better than day 20, and that is success enough for me.


I made some “cookie dough” by squeezing 1 packet of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter into a bowl, dumping some maple syrup in there, mixing those together, and then adding some rolled oats and chocolate chips.

Like, a LOT of chocolate chips.


Then, I made some monster popcorn by heating up some coconut oil in a large pan, dumping kernels in there, and waiting for most of them to pop before transferring the popcorn to a large bowl and sprinkling some garlic salt on top.



I was exhausted and starving on day 21. Probably because I exercised for so long and then hauled my life away to my mom’s house.


I successfully resisted the urge to bring the rest of Day 20’s Milk Duds home with me FROM Mother’s house.



I passed right out on day 21 night, as I was totally exhausted from the day’s exertion and EXCITED to sleep and wake up and be free from my vegan chains.

Not that they actually bound me.


That’s it! My vegan 21 Day Fix is OVER!


Check back tomorrow to find out how much weight I lost and see my vegan 21 Day Fix RESULTS photos!!!!



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