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Recent Posts

  • This week's 23 weeks pregnant post is FILLED with full-length pregnant body pictures. You know, just to keep it real. And because I spent all week with my visiting family, and WE spent our time at the Florida coast and all over Alabama. HUGE BODY. BILLIONS OF PICTURES.

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  • During week 22 of my pregnancy, I dealt with a lot of puppy issues and not very many baby issues. I'm still feeling great, if only a little tired. Baby is a kicking machine and all I think about is the fact that my mom and nephew are visiting from Michigan next week.

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  • In this week's 21 weeks pregnant post, I talk about weight gain, stretch marks, sex drive, and symptoms. I also include a LOT of bump pictures (and pictures of my dog).

Pregnancy Update – 21 Weeks

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  • This week's post features 20 WEEK ULTRASOUND PICTURES and appointment details! And I talk about how to get a free breast pump through your insurance. And I talk about other crazy things that happened to me during week 20.

Pregnancy Update – 20 Weeks

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