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Recent Posts

  • Week 31 = BABY SHOWER!!!!!! This post is LOADED with photos from my outstandingly beautiful shower. Just wait until you see them!

Pregnancy Update – 31 Weeks

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  • During week 30 of my pregnancy, I noticed lots of new stretch marks and I almost died on an airplane. Seriously. I am very ready to be not-pregnant again so as to avoid all of this body unpredictability.

Pregnancy Update – 30 Weeks

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  • In week 29 of my pregnancy, I had a few baby scares. Cervix pain, abdominal pain, and less baby movement had me VERY concerned, so I made an appointment with my OB to get everything checked out. In this week’s post, I talk about my concerns, as well as the results of my glucose test, Baby’s nonstress test, and my amniotic fluid measurements. Plus, week 29 ultrasound pictures!!!

Pregnancy Update – 29 Weeks

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  • During week 28 of my pregnancy, I RELAXED. Because I was so exhausted. And because baby has been giving me SERIOUS growing pains. Like, painful-to-the-touch belly muscle pains. I fear she's growing like a weed in there and my belly can't keep up! It's true - just look at my stretch marks!

Pregnancy Update – 28 Weeks

If you'd like to start at week four of my pregnancy, click here!   28 weeks = glucose test week!   [...]