Well, a LOT is new in Alabama.


First of all, we finally had a weekend visit from Big Wheel (Husband’s BFF), who is stationed at Fort Benning, GA, which is just about 3 hours away from Husband and me.

It was really nice to have a house full of boys again! Remember, I complained about not having boys in my house in my Pros and Cons of Being an Army Wife post.


When Big Wheel came, and I decided to let loose with a glass of wine while these two played Zombies.

Vino on the weekend.


That glass of vino was also poured in celebration of the MOST AMAZING THING EVER.


What on earth could this be? you wonder.

Well, guess what?




A real Alabama friend.



She is amazing. She is the woman from Rucker’s puppy training class. Remember Luke, the teeny tiny cute classmate of Rucker’s? Dani is Luke’s mom. She is so cool.


She suggested we set up a playdate for our pups, which was ingenious, because this playdate was fantastic.

Dani and I are two peas in a pod. We spent the whole afternoon together making 8 billion plans while our pups wrestled and slept.

On the Future Plans list?

Self-created wine and canvas party!


Just us two!

She had never heard of a wine and canvas party (she is from Germany), so she is GEEKED.

We are going to paint canvases and drink wine while our pups play around (our pups are seriously best friends).

We are also going to bring our pups to some flea markets.

She also wants me to show her how to bake some American treats. See how simpatico she and I are?

Dani knows a lot about Alabama, too, because she isn’t a hermit like me and she likes to explore, so just imagine all the fun adventures we will have!

Can’t WAIT!


In other news, Rucker is still growing like a weed.

I put two pictures side-by-side for comparison.

Weed dog.




You think I am kidding, but I most certainly am not.


Rucker likes to sleep on top of me, which is why his rapidly growing body is becoming a problem.


Snuggle pup.


The other day Husband said, “Do you know how you were sleeping last night?”

Well rested and completely unaware of the previous evening’s slumber, I said, “No?”

Husband said, “With Rucker’s head on top of yours and his paw across your face.”


Snuggly monster.


I guess it’s a good thing I am learning to sleep uncomfortably with a baby around, because I need all the motherhood prep I can get.


Rucker also follows me everywhere, much like a toddler.

Every time I am at the stove concocting something amazing, Rucker is here:

Cute little helper.


Or here:

Cute little helper.


Oh, I’m STILL NOT PREGNANT, in case you were wondering.

I keep reading these baby books, and I read them so I can live vicariously through them.

The only issue is that I inevitably find myself irate/overwhelmingly sad that I am not already pregnant.

It’s hard to explain, the frustration.

I know, I know, it will happen when it happens.

It’s just that I would like for it to happen YESTERDAY.

I want to be the size of a planet already.

I want to waddle already.

I want to have a nice set of ta-tas already.



That’s what the latest book I read touted: amazing ta-tas during pregnancy.

If you’re not well-endowed like me, this is something you (and your partner) are probably looking very forward to.

This book I just read is actually HILARIOUS.

I am not kidding. I laughed out loud at least 20 times while I read the entire thing in one day.

It’s that good.

It’s called The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Hilarious and filled with all of the things other baby books are NOT filled with. Things like what maternity clothes are worth the money when you’re pregnant. Oodles of good advice.


Anyway, I have a very exciting announcement.

Did you realize?






I follow Nina Dobrev on Instagram (obviously), and she posted THIS gem:

Best news ever.


My heart literally starting pounding in my chest when I saw this.

Vampire Diaries is tied for first with Pretty Little Liars as my all-time favorite series on Netflix.

Obviously, The Office and Parks and Recreation don’t count because they fall into a different category called, “Shows that Bring Tears of Laughter to My Face No Matter How Many Times I Re-Watch the Episodes.”



So, that’s happening.

Also, I’ve been watching The Bachelor (a day later than it’s broadcasted, since I don’t have regular TV and have to watch the episodes online).

What a great season.

I love Nick. I loved him on Andi’s season. Then I made the grave mistake of watching Juan Pablo’s season and promptly abandoned all season-watching until I heard that sexy Nick was going to be the bachelor.

Listen, I could sit here all day and talk crap about Corinne, but since everyone else is doing that, I’ll just say that I agree with everyone.


My Michigan vacation is coming up! Which means my WINE TOUR is coming up!!!

I can’t wait!!!!!

I seriously dream about this wine tour trip with my best friends. I am that excited.


Rucker is also very excited to go home.

Or, at least he tilts his head inquiringly when I shout in a high-pitched squeal, “ARE YOU EXCITED TO GO TO MICHIGAN?!”

He should be VERY excited, what with my mom sending me hilarious texts like this:

Hilarious mother.


I can’t WAIT to go home. I text my mom and sister that exact sentiment almost daily.


In other news, since I never heard BACK on that ideal online consulting job I applied for (nor could I follow up on my application any other way than submitting a “contact” form, which has since gone unanswered), I have taken other measures to ensure I have employment in my future.

Do you want to know what I have done?

I will tell you.


I have sent a cheeky proposal to my old boss at my dispatching job.


This proposal is filled with reasons why he should hire me to work part-time when I return to Michigan.


Do you want to see what I mean by “cheeky”?

Here’s the email I sent to him.

(It starts with Dear ____ (boss’s name)):

How to get exactly what you want, in an email.


(Bob is an old grouchy customer of mine who was very sweet to me and only me.)


My email continues:

How to get exactly what you want, in an email.


Even though I sound like a cool cucumber BOSS in that email, I was sweating profusely when I hit “send.”

SO NERVOUS to see what he had to say.

Do you want to know what he said?



Wow. I thought your dispatchin days were over?

Hope all is going well down there. Looks a lot warmer than here.

Let me know when you will be up here and I will see if this will make sense for everyone.



Can you believe that?

This is amazing. Part-time work at my old job when no one else is in the office is IDEAL for me.


This is how I answered his response:

My full-time dispatching days are over, but my part-time dispatching days are just getting started!

It is definitely much warmer (and sunnier) down here than it is up there, though it’s been chillier lately.

I will be back in town in [a few weeks]. If you want me to come in on a specific day, just let me know.



Can you believe my good fortune? Honestly, this is such a win-win-win for Brooke that I can’t believe he’s even considering it.

Poker face, people.


Hopefully it all works out exactly as I want it to.

Hey, if I could convince them to give me the job when I was totally unqualified for it (remember? I wrote a pretty sweet post about how I did that), then I can convince them to give me an ideal version of that job, right?


Stay tuned…



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