Hello, again.


It has been quite some time since we last spoke! I have been very busy eating everything in sight.


Which is why I packed 10 pounds back onto my frame this past week.


I can explain!


Not EXCUSE. I can explain.


So, once my 21 Day Fix broadcast was over, I really let loose.

I still ate the foods I had been eating on the fix, but I started to eat a LOT MORE of those foods.

I also began to experiment with Shakeology. More on that in a bit.


Days later, I started to incorporate bad foods back into my life. Like chocolate and candy. And movie theater popcorn.


But it was my birthday! That’s why I got the movie theater popcorn.

Plus, I really wanted it.

And I wanted those Reese’s Pieces.

And I justified these foods to myself as “rewards” for working so hard to lose all that weight.

In fact, I justified ALL my naughty, NOT-approved foods this way.


Essentially, on day 22, I hoisted myself atop a big, fat I Don’t Give a F*&# Pony, and I have been riding him around shamelessly every day.


At some point during my gluttonous week-long journey, I started to get stomach aches.

I was not surprised.

Because I had been eating like crap and my stomach was pissed!

So I wrote it off as body punishment for eating so poorly.


But, you see…the stomach issues actually began BEFORE the movie theater popcorn. That popcorn was my swan dive into BAD FOOD oblivion. Before that, I had still been sticking to healthier foods (just mass quantities of them).

So, the stomach bug came from something else. Perhaps it was a bad shrimp. Maybe my hummus was too old. The mystery persists.


Anyway, I realized on Saturday (my birthday) that my glands were swollen. You know, the spot just below your ears? If I poke those spots, they hurt.


And my stomach ache turned into a full on stomach WAR.

And my body followed suit, aching all over.

And, well…it’s kind of been like that ever since.


This is the most bizarre sickness I’ve ever had. My stomach is in a constant, low, tolerable state of pain.


If I eat a tiny bit of something, EVEN IF IT IS licorice or chocolate, I feel fine.


But if I eat something big and real, like salad or pasta, I feel like I am going to throw up. The best way to describe the feeling is 25% nausea, 75% feeling so full I could explode. And it just HITS ME IMMEDIATELY. It’s not like I’m sitting there shoveling saltines in my mouth even though I’m stuffed. Rather, I am eating watermelon, and I take another bite, and BAM I feel like I am going to upchuck all over my carpet.


It’s quite miserable, really.


Someone poured concrete into my stomach, and now, every time my stomach muscles move, I feel like I am dying.


So I have been very bloated, wobbly, and penguinish the past week. And, at first, I was certain it was because I had been eating like shit all of a sudden.


But that is not the case at all.


Whatever this is, it is killing me. From the inside out.


My mother offered a clever potential explanation as to why I suddenly feel like my life is ending.


She said that school teachers, at the end of their first year of teaching, always get VERY VERY sick.


She said that they push themselves so intensely all year long, and all of that extreme pushing shoves them into illness when the school year is over.


And that wise mother of mine suggested that my suddenly dying stomach and intestines are the result of pushing myself way too hard during my 21 Day Fix.


She’s right, I think.


Do you remember?

I was cutting calories to the MAX at the end, and I was working out for at LEAST an hour a day.

That lifestyle is extremely intense. Not to mention Husband is at boot camp and I spontaneously burst into tears sometimes just thinking about it.

Emotions are flying high these days.


Anyway, I messed up all that calorie-restricting this past week with ice cream and chips and candy.

I don’t regret it! I don’t.

I wanted every morsel I took, and I knew I’d be returning to the Fix once the week was over.


What I do regret is coming into contact with whatever gave me this stomach bug.

I am praying it leaves me alone, soon, because it’s getting ridiculous.

I can’t inhale too deeply, or else my lungs start to crush my cement block poison stomach.


I should probably go to the doctor. But I’ll wait it out. Because I am not exactly sure where my health insurance stands with the airlines-to-army insurance transition. And also because I’m already feeling better after eating ONLY Shakeology and healthy food today.



When I had my girlfriends over last Thursday, I told them that I didn’t do my first round of the Fix the right way. I went SO HARDCORE, spending all of my time blogging and cooking and working out and DISTRACTING myself from real life that I never had a moment to breathe. It wasn’t realistic.


Plus, I had an audience (you), and I wanted to MAXIMIZE my results for you.


And, I did.


But what I didn’t do was eat any normal foods at all. I never had a piece of pizza. If it wasn’t on my approved foods list, I didn’t eat it. I hardly substituted.

And those behaviors are not sustainable for me. No way. I need pizza in my life every once in a while.



So, today, I am back on the Fix. And this time I am going to be REALISTIC about it.

I am also starting this round out by doing my own homemade version of the 3-Day Refresh.


What is the 3-Day Refresh? Well, you can buy the kit, if you want. The kit includes Shakeology and other supplemental drinks.

But since my vegan chocolate Shakeology arrived, I am going to drink that. And I’m not going to drink any of the tea/fiber drinks that come in the kit because I’m not buying the kit.


Through a lot of back-channel research, I have determined that this is how the 3-Day Refresh works:

  • Each day, you drink 3 Shakeology drinks. One at breakfast, one at lunch, and one at dinner.
  • In addition to these, you may have 1 fruit with your breakfast Shakeology.
  • For lunch, you may have 1 healthy fat, 1 veggie, and 1 fruit, in addition to your Shakeology.
  • Between lunch and dinner, you can have 1 veggie and 1 fruit.
  • For dinner, you may have an “approved dinner” found in their 3-Day Refresh booklet, in addition to your Shakeology. I found this woman’s review of her 3-Day Refresh, and it looks like dinner should be vegetables. She didn’t eat any grains/carbs or fruits at dinner.
  • Also, you can drink green tea a few times during the day, if you wish.


So, what I am going to do is a rough outline of Shakeo + fruit for breakfast, Shakeo + veggies + nuts and fruit for lunch, a veggie/fruit snack, and then Shakeo + veggies for dinner.


This isn’t going to be easy. And NOT because of how little food is involved (I survived the 3 Day Military Diet, remember?).

It’s not going to be easy because whenever I get slightly hungry, my stomach flips out and starts gnawing on itself in an excruciating manner.


So I’ll be nursing my almonds and fruits/veggies all day to make sure I have food in me constantly.



And, hopefully, after this refresh is over and I continue on my 2nd round of 21 Day Fix, and after my stomach heals and stops beating me up, I will reach the end of round 2 having lost those extra ten pounds I packed on this time.




Eating habits are much harder to break than I initially thought. Especially when you go into robot mode for three weeks and then stop being a robot and go right back to how you were eating before you started.


No more of that!


Now, Shakeology.


One of my dearest friends graciously shared every Shakeology flavor pack she owned with me. JUST so I could try all of them.


And since I’ve been talking about Shakeology for the past few weeks, I decided it was probably a good idea to tell you what I think each flavor tastes like.


Since my portions were approximate half-portions, I blended each flavor with 4 oz. of water and 2-3 giant ice cubes. (For regular-sized scoops, you blend 1 scoop with 8-10 oz. of water or almond milk and however much ice you want to add.)

Mix-ins like fruit and peanut butter are optional. There are a BILLION recipes out there for fancy Shakeology shakes (and desserts!). Check out my 21 Day Fix Pinterest board for some ideas.




Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #greenberry

Greenberry – after a lot of deliberation over which fruit I was tasting (watermelon? raspberry?), I finally determined that this flavor tasted like a cold, frothy glass of strawberry milk. It was DELICIOUS. I gulped it down in 10 seconds. I couldn’t stop myself.



Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #vanilla

Vanilla – this smelled like butterscotch pudding when I dumped it into my blender. I added three ice cubes instead of 2, hoping to make some sort of ice-creamy concoction. What resulted was a cool, frothy drink that tasted like cake batter with shaved ice chunks that clumped together. I drank the refreshingly delicious cake batter drink and tossed the congealed ice clumps down the drain. YUM.



Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #chocolate

Chocolate – This tasted like chocolate milk. Not NEARLY as sweet as chocolate milk, but I definitely appreciated the cocoa flavor. I understand why chocolate is a favorite among Shakeology drinkers. If you close your eyes, you can convince yourself you’re drinking a milkshake.



Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #chocolate #vegan

Vegan Chocolate – This tasted a little sweeter than regular chocolate. Also, I have noticed that the some Shakeology powders result in a shake that is a little more gummy than non-vegan shakes. And, when blended with ice, these gummy flavors clump the ice shavings together in a very unappealing way. I am not sure what it is that causes this, as it happened with both vegan chocolate and regular vanilla. Either way, despite the odd ice clumping, I preferred the flavor of vegan chocolate to regular chocolate. Which is good, because I just bought a whole BAG of vegan chocolate.



A note on the strawberries – I tried to capture the color differences between the two on my iPhone, but it’s hard to see. The regular strawberry had a pinker hue than the vegan. Vegan was slightly darker, too.

Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #strawberry #vegan





Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #strawberry

Strawberry – This tasted just like Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries cereal, at first. The only fruit I could detect was strawberry. Ironically, this tasted less like strawberry milk than Greenberry did. More strawberry than milk for this flavor, if that makes any sense. It was slightly sweet and refreshing.



Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #strawberry #vegan

Tropical Strawberry Vegan – As you can see, this vegan strawberry Shakeology has a much darker hue than regular. Vegan was WAY sweeter than regular strawberry. And, I could tell that there were more fruity flavors incorporated. Tangerine? Apricot? Nectarine? I tasted my regular strawberry after tasting the vegan, and the vegan was more delicious than regular. Both were delightfully sweet, though, and I suspect that my totally unequal water/ice incorporations into each strawberry batch (not sure how that happened…) played a part in intensifying the flavor of vegan and watering down the regular. Still liked vegan better, though!



Shakeology Flavor Review - Perksofinterest.com #shakeology #shakeo #cafelatte

Cafe Latte – This one was my favorite! Maybe because I am obsessed with coffee-flavored things. Either way, this shake tasted like a little mocha frappuccino. Or is it cappuccino? Which one is cold? I always drink my coffee black, so anything coffee-oriented that has sweetness and cream added tastes DIVINE to me. It wasn’t overly sweet, either. I could definitely drink this every day.


It’s important to note that my mother thinks regular chocolate Shakeology is hard to get down. And the vanilla nearly came back up when she tried it.

Because I blended all of mine with ice (and because my powder serving sizes weren’t normal), I think mine tasted milder.

But I still liked all of the flavors.

I am used to eating things like flax seed waffles, though, so maybe my palate is better-acclimated to Shakeology’s superfood contents than my mother’s.


Final opinion: Shakeology is delicious, no matter which flavor you try.


Important note: I have been drinking full servings of my vegan chocolate, and the flavor is WAY more intensified with a full scoop. More flavor = even more delicious shake.


Do you have a favorite flavor?


I just ordered Vega One Chocolate protein powder to see how it compares to Shakeology. I ordered it because each serving has more protein, less sugar, and less sodium than a serving of Shakeology. Plus it’s slightly cheaper.

I am sure it won’t be as delicious as Shakeology. It’s important to note this. Because a lot of people starting the 21 Day Fix need to be able to drink protein powder that doesn’t make them want to vomit. Shakeology is PERFECT for these people. Because it is delicious. And incredibly nutritious. Which is why so many people love it.


I am happy to eat gross-tasting things if they are slightly better for me, so I am prepared to tolerate a gross Vega One shake if need be.

I’ll let you know how it compares to Shakeology.


So, how are you? How is life going for you? Are you ready for summer?


Also, have you ever fallen off a weight loss program immediately after it was over?


How did you get back ON the program?


I know I am going to have an easier time this time around because I won’t be taking it to the EXTREME. That also gives me hope that the habits will stick and not seem so strict that I run off and break every single rule once the program is over.


How do YOU combat the post-diet fiendish feelings?

Do you have any tips for sticking with the Fix (or any program) after your round is over? Things to do WHILE you’re on the program to prevent yourself from crashing and burning into a bag of Reese’s Pieces afterward?


Obviously, I could use a few pointers, so please share your tips.


Also, if you are a nurse, please feel free to let me know if I am dying from the inside out.


I love you all!


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