Starting a blog is like opening a window. Once you open it, gusts of opportunity flow through it. Blogging solved all my problems. It will solve yours, too.


I graduated from GVSU with my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies (minor in Psychology). Many people think of a degree in communications as being one for marketing, PR, advertising, copywriting, etc. I do NOT think this.
I think of my degree as one in communication STUDIES. There’s a difference!


The study of communication: figuring out what it is, how we do it, and how it shapes us/we shape it. Nothing gets my bones buzzing like a solid discussion about the various ways we communicate with each others and ourselves.

Truth be told, I loathe advertising/copy writing/marketing/PR. I had to take these kinds of classes to earn my degree. It was terrible. I respect the necessity that is advertising and the marketing/PR required for a successful enterprise; I simply have an irrational aversion to applying my talents toward the development of catchy ideas for companies to use to sell their stuff to unwitting people who don’t need more stuff. Not wasting my one lifetime on that, no way.

I KNOW I’M USING MARKETING AND PR AND ADVERTISING TO “SELL YOU” MY BLOG. I just don’t want to sell you someone else’s cheesecake or headphones. I sure as heck want to “sell” your eyeballs my content, though, because that’s why I’m writing it…


To wrap up this college thing, let me say this: my degree is a piece of paper that represents my mind, which has been heavily shaped by carefully chosen classes that focus on theories of communication and theories of being human. I’m fascinated by communication because it’s the focal point of our existence. It’s how we share experiences, identify ourselves, avoid danger, and make history. It’s absolutely fascinating!
I’m using it right now, and the things I am typing will be interpreted in a million different ways even though I mean them one way. It just blows my mind!

Communication enthusiast here. I love it. Let’s talk about it. Email me.




I am not in college anymore. And I miss it. I miss the person I was. I miss the intellectual life of sharing ideas and discovering things. I miss writing until my fingers cramp.

I earned my beautiful degree and fell into the perfect post-grad job, thanks to my older brother and persuasion skills I perfected in college. Perfect job = well-paid dispatcher for a company that specializes in third-party logistics. Just google it.


After spending two years contemplating and theorizing in a world of lofty ideas, I fell hard and flat into the concrete world of business. I did very minimal work at the office at first, since I was a newborn dispatcher and more of a liability than an asset.

Work was easy and the salary was pretty. The cash flew in so quickly I didn’t know what to do with it. Suddenly I was rich, never studying, and living on my own. It was just as awesome as it sounds!

When they started to teach me things, I realized how unqualified I was for the job. But I had convinced them I was worth the salary, so I was going to prove it.
Months later, I finally began to understand how it all worked, and I was mastering the art of extreme multi-tasking. I hit my groove, and then I was good at the job that paid so well.


Then I learned everything. And I slammed head-first into my growth cap.

There were no more skills to hone or programs to master. The job slowly became mundane. Then it became a bother. Then it became stressful.


Now, it is a means to an end. I go to work Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1700 (perk #12: I learned military time!). My days are now spent scrambling to stay afloat in a sea of loads or squinting at the clock and willing time to pass more quickly. I solve customers’ problems all day long and make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I keep everyone else in the loop on what everyone is doing. Then I sit around and wait for more problems to arise.
Occasionally, I learn a new trick that makes my life easier, but otherwise, I do the exact same thing every day.


For a while, I got into a routine of going home and watching Netflix until I passed out. Too tired to think, I’d think, as I droned through season after season of delicious Netflix.


Boredom and uselessness and monotony poisoned me from the inside out. I was dying on the inside.


Then, on a particularly self-loathing- and disappointment-filled day, I remembered that all of this was self-loathing and disappointment was my fault. No one was MAKING me feel this way about my life. I was letting myself feel this way. 


I swiftly slapped myself in the face and vowed to un-slump myself.
And I did it the only way I knew how – I started my blog.


Why was blogging the answer to my problems? 


Because I missed the rich life of studying and learning and discovering.

Because I am passionate about writing and obsessed with learning.

And because I have a deep love affair with the internet.

These three things marry beautifully in a blog. I was made to blog.
So that’s why I started it. But that’s NOT why it’s the answer to my problems.

It is my solution because it requires me to live more fully.

It demands that I be more thoughtful about my relationships, my marriage, my crafts, my nighttime rituals. It forces me to consider perspectives (yours!) that I wouldn’t otherwise. It introduces me to brilliant minds and teaches me things I am desperate to learn.


Blogging makes me a better person.


This is why you should start a blog.

Because telling everyone what you think about everything is thrilling. Exposing yourself to everyone is exhilarating.

For example:

I bet that someone out there had the same crappy day you had. I bet this person wants to hear your thoughts about crappy days. I bet if you write about your crappy day, you might look at it a little differently while writing. You might even include that new perspective in your post. And I bet that someone out there who had the same crappy day you did might read your new perspective and have one of those brilliant AH-HA! moments. They might even share this new perspective with someone else who is having a crappy day. And they might even return to your blog and everything else you have ever written because you’re a self-reflective genius!


That is the beauty of the internet – it’s filled with all of the answers you seek. It’s true. I have been that person with sandpaper scabs and sawdust in my hair, frantically googling furniture repair. And my searches procured blogs filled with how-tos and advice that solved all my problems. What if those people never wrote about their ideas and threw them out into the virtual world? I wouldn’t have a gorgeous made-over dresser beaming in my living room right now, that’s for sure.

For the sake of not leaving me alone out here, start a blog.

You know you want to! You have thoughts and I want to hear them. If you have really awesome thoughts then I might want to show people through a guest post written by YOU.

Check out my favorite blogs to see who inspired me to start mine. You can also peruse my constantly-updated list of helpful blogging resources! Then start yours!

Blog about your hobbies, interests, hopes.

Blog about your journey to self-discovery.

Tell people how to master things, get through things, discover things, choose things.


The perks of being brave are the best perks of all.


Scare the daylights out of yourself by starting a blog. Then tell me what it’s called so I can read it!




Are you a hopeful blogger, or have you already started one? How has blogging affected the way you think? What holds you back from starting one of your own? Tell me what you think in the comments below!



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